Shankaranarayan Reddy

About Shankarnarayana Reddy:

Sri M.R. Shankaranarayan Reddy hails from Bangarpet Taluk Kolar District. He was born in the year 1966. Sri RaghuRama Reddy and Smt. Vedhavathi were his adored Parents.
M.R Shankaranarayan Reddy had his earlier education at Bangarpet and KGF . He graduated in B.E(Electrical & Electronics) from Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan During Collage Life he was very active as the member of ABVP.All through these years he involved himself in public as well as social activities and to pursue the same, In the year 1995, he married Smt.Prathyusha and the couple had a daughter Poojitha Reddy and a son Dushyanth Reddy.

Throughout his public life M.R. Shankaranarayan Reddy has actually involved in different fields of social life.

Political Field:

He started his political career as an ordinary member of erstwhile Janasangha.

  1. He worked as the President of BJP, Bangarpet Town and Taluk.
  2. Term President of BJP Kissan Morcha, Kolar Dist.
  3. Term State Secretary of BJP kissan Morcha
  4. Hindu Temples Welfare Committee, Kolar District President
  5. Currently He is Working as National Secretary of BJP Kisan Morch and National Organic Agriculture Study Group Incharge as well as BJP Incharge for Kerala State Kissan Morcha.

Social Field:

  • General Secretary of Dharma Jagran Samanvay Vibhag

Business Field:

  • Builders and Developers : Sri Sharanya Enterprises
  • proprietor : The Dushyanth Residency, A multi-stored residential high-end rental purpose apartment


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